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The only Lifecare community in Keene, NH.

A new view on health care for life!

As the only Lifecare community in Keene, Covenant living offers you the advantage of priority access to a full continuum of health care services, conveniently located on campus and at predictable monthly rates—for life.

Lifecare is the best way to plan ahead for whatever health challenges may arise down the road—and the best way to protect your assets against the high costs of the care that may be needed. Lifecare turns today’s unpredictable health care expenses into predictable monthly fees. It also can provide tax advantages because you are prepaying for medical expenses. Ask your tax advisor for more information.

You’re free to enjoy each day to its fullest, knowing you’ve taken care of yourself for the rest of your life—while maintaining (and even augmenting) your high-quality standards of living.

Your children will appreciate that you have made decisions and plans for yourself before care is ever needed. They’ll share your sense of relief that you have found a total care lifestyle at Covenant Living of Keene.

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