Frequently asked questions about Lifecare and CCRC's

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General Questions:

What is Lifecare?

Lifecare is a contract that provides residency in a beautiful independent living accommodation with a long list of services and amenities, along with priority lifetime access to a complete continuum of care: assisted living, nursing and memory care, all right one campus.

Why should I choose Lifecare?

Lifecare is a way to free yourself from the chores and responsibilities of home ownership so you can spend more time enjoying the things you love to do. It’s a way to give your family the reassurance that you’re enjoying life, surrounded by friends and always close to any care you might need. Joining a Lifecare community alleviates the fears of becoming a burden to your children or aging among strangers. It prevents you from having to make a decision about your future under duress, if a health crisis strikes. It protects your assets and reinforces your financial security.

How does the Lifecare contract work?

With a Lifecare contract, you pay an up-front, one-time entrance fee for your residence. Then, you pay monthly maintenance fees for ongoing services, including unlimited use of our health care services. Your monthly fees remain stable and predictable, with minor fluctuations for inflation and operational costs. You do not pay a higher fee if you need a higher level of care (for example, making a transition from independent living to assisted living). Compare Lifecare security to the alternative: paying the rising cost of long-term care as health care needs increase. A Lifecare community provides you with a fulfilling, independent lifestyle, asset preservation for your estate, protection from expensive, pay-as-you-go long-term care, and the security of a full array of health care services, if ever needed.

What is the age requirement?

Covenant Living of Keene welcomes residents aged 62 and above. 

Lifestyle Questions:

Can I bring my own vehicle?

At no additional cost, we include one underground or covered parking space per each residence. Additional assigned open parking is available.

Do you provide transportation?

Covenant Living of Keene does provide transportation to local shopping centers, grocery stores, museums, galleries and restaurants as well as local health care providers.

What are the dining options?

We offer a flexible dining experience. One meal a day for each day of the month is included for each resident, either in our full-service restaurant or the casual tavern, a fun dining venue. 25% of those meals can be room service at no additional cost. You can use some of your meals for guest meals as well.

Each residence comes with a fully appointed kitchen.

Are pets permitted?

Covenant Living of Keene is a pet-friendly community that supports pet ownership and recognizes that pets can enhance the overall health and well-being of a resident.

Health Care Questions:

What health care accommodations are available to residents?

Covenant Living of Keene provides 43 Private Care Assisted Living Suites, 18 Private Memory Care Rooms and 20 Private Long-term Nursing Care Rooms.

What if my spouse or partner and I have differing health care needs?

At Covenant Living of Keene, couples can receive the individualized care needed while still living within the same community. If one spouse or partner requires a higher level of health care assistance and has to change residency to an Assisted Living or long-term Nursing Care accommodation, the remaining spouse or partner continues to occupy the independent living apartment, without any increase in the monthly fee paid for that apartment.

What medical services are provided at Covenant Living of Keene?

We partner with community resources to make it easy for our residents to manage their healthcare by bringing in clinicians for dermatology, podiatry, audiology, laboratory services, as well as home health care from a RN.

CCRC Questions

What is a CCRC? 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities are independent residential neighborhoods filled with services, amenities—and security. At a CCRC, you’ll live with the promise of access to on-site health services that include Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and often, Rehabilitation services and Memory Care, if needed. CCRC members pay a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly service fee that can lead to tax- and estate-planning benefits. 

Why should I choose a CCRC?

CCRCs offer benefits you won’t find in other senior living communities. Enjoy the freedom to pursue your goals, and ways to help you achieve them. Maintenance-free residences, dynamic amenities and engaging activities let you follow your own path each day, with the confidence that any health needs will be met on site. 

What are the advantages of a CCRC?

Community living helps people live longer, healthier lives, and CCRC members report more satisfaction than peers who remain in their own homes. You’ll thrive with the comfort of caring staff, access to future care, and a campus specially designed for older adults. 

Am I ready for a CCRC?

If you or your spouse are over age 62, then it’s not too early. The best time to move to a CCRC is when you can enjoy all that the engaging, carefree lifestyle offers. Waiting longer might reduce your options and add stress to making your move. Don’t miss out on years of a fulfilling lifestyle and all the benefits a CCRC offers!

Can I afford it?

Covenant Living CCRCs offer financial options with varying fees and health care provisions, plus refunds and estate benefits. If you’re not sure that you can afford a move, compare community fees—and benefits—with the costs of staying in your current home:

  • Home ownership—mortgage or rent, property taxes and insurance
  • Home upkeep— utilities, landscaping, maintenance and repairs
  • Lifestyle—the rising cost of groceries, gasoline, entertainment, recreation and travel
  • Wellness—health club memberships and caregiver or security services

CCRCs also provide the assurance that your assets and your income will be protected in the event of an unexpected health event requiring Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing care.

Where do I start?

Get the information you need to make the best decision about your future: 

Attend several community events, talk with residents and explore life at a Covenant Living community.

Meet with a senior living advisor to tour residences and review floor plans, applications and residency agreements.

How do I know if a CCRC is financially sound?

To affirm your confidence, Covenant Living Communities and Services’ financial report outlines the solid financial position that makes us an excellent retirement choice. With more than 3,000 employees serving 5,000 residents, our family of Continuing Care Retirement Communities is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit retirement living organizations.

Disclosure & Transparency

Covenant Living Communities and Services is committed to full disclosure of information for residents, prospective residents and other interested parties.